Certificates of competence of contractors received from the Planning and Budget Organization.

Other membership certificates

Some words from the CEO







We are honored to have been serving. Iranian experts in GSICo have worked hard to achieve great goals and help develop Iran, in spite of all difficulties they have encountered. These good people seek to contribute to protecting the environment and develop human capital under organizational values through effective collaboration, hard work, and innovation.
GSICo has competent employees and can serve to handle challenges and create value through its experience and knowledge. We believe that much more remains yet to be done, and we will do our best to further serve our employers and work hard throughout the year.

Best regards
CEO and Board Member
Mahmood Sedighi Tonekaboni



  • Enhancing and establishing a holding structure
  • Developing specialized groups for projects
  • Implementing projects as a general contractor
  • Enhancing resource capacities and productivity and optimal management of assets
  • Attracting, training, and recruiting young generations of managers
  • Developing an organizational culture based on organizational values


  • General contracting, engineering, procurement, execution, and management services (EPC and EPCC)
  • Financing and investment management of EPCF projects
  • Management of industrial, steel, oil & gas, mining, and construction projects

Board of Directors

CEO and Board Member

Mahmoud Seddighi Tonekaboni

Bachelor of Accounting

Vice chairman of OIEC

Chairman of Farasakou Assaluyeh Co.

Financial and economic advisor of Oil Turbo Compressor Construction Co.

CEO of Oil Industry Investment Company

35 years of work experience


Mohammad Mehdi Tofani Nejad

Bachelor of Metallurgical Engineering

Board member of Iran Alloy Steel Company

CEO of Sadid Industrial Group

CEO of Soroosh Yaran Group

Board member of Petroleum Equipment Industries Company

Chairman of Ardakan Industrial Company

35 years of work experience

Vice Chairman

Amirhossein Kaveh

Master of Management

Board Member of PETCO

Board Member of Road Safety Equipment Co.

CEO of Sadid Industrial Group

35 years of work experience

  Board Member

Alireza Tayebi

Bachelor of Civil Engineering – Civil

Member of the Board of Directors of Pars Development Company

Hydromechanical and electrical equipment project manager of Tio Energy Engineering Company and Sadid Industrial Group Company

Substitute Project Manager and Project Manager of  Mehr Kermanshah housing construction project / Project Manager for Construction of Bijar Pipeline Repair Yard

Experience: 25 years

Board Member 

Morteza Abbaszadeh

Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering

project manager of Faradast Energy Plateau Company

Engineer of Rajan Petrofarayand Consulting Engineers Company

Director of engineering affairs of Makran Mofid Energy Development Company

Experience: 15 years

Introduction to Directors

Naser Ghatrooei

Deputy of Projects

Bachelor of Materials Engineering – Metal Forming

Seyyed Abbas Azadi

CEO Advisor

Bachelor of Industrial Engineering, Industrial Production

Davood Ghanbarian Dehkordi

Project Manager

Bachelor of Electrical Engineering – Power

Toraj Mohammadzadeh

project manager

Behzad Taherian

project manager

Bachelor of Civil Engineering, Construction

Mehdi Alimohammadi

project manager

Master of Project Management
Bachelor of Industrial Engineering – Industrial Production

Ahmadreza Tahmasebi

Project Manager

Bachelor of Industrial Engineering

Hossein Kamali Ardekani

Deputy project manager

Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering – Design of solids

Omid Chabok

Business Design & Planning Manager

PhD in strategic business management
Master of Industrial Engineering – Systems and Productivity

Reza Javadi Abhari

Technical Manager

Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering – Heat and Fluids

Seyyed Farid Alavi

Financial Director

Bachelor of Accounting

Masoud Safaeian

commercial manager

Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering – Design of solids

Nosratollah Akbari

Market Development Manager

Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering

Malihe Shariati

Legal Director

Bachelor of Judicial Law

Yaser Hossein Jafar Kermani

Proceedings Agreement

Bachelor of Civil Engineering
Bachelor of Civil Engineering, Soil and Foundation Mechanics

Mohammad ali Loghmani Shirazi

Human resource and Support manager

Master of executive management

Alireza Hajimirzaee

Quality and safety assurance

Master of executive management
Bachelor of Industrial Metallurgy Engineering

Saeed Abbasi


Master of Accounting
Bachelor of Accounting

Ali Morteza beigi

Structure and Civil

Master of Civil Engineering – Earthquake Engineering
Bachelor of Civil Engineering

Iman Ahmadifar

Installations and fluids

Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering in Heat and Fluids

Ali Derikvand

Electricity and instrumentation

Master of Business Management – Strategic
Bachelor of Electrical Engineering – Power

Shahram Dianati

Deputy Head of the workshop and responsible for engineering and implementation

Bachelor of Mechanics- Shipbuilding

Hamid Siahposht Khajaki

Alvand Project Workshop

Master of Civil Engineering

Faezeh Termeh


Master of Mechanical Engineering Applied Design

Rouhollah Nourmohammadi

Construction and External supply

Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering – Construction and Production

Mohsen Dehghani

Information Technology and Network security

Bachelor of Computer Network

Babak Bonakdar

Claim Management

Master of Engineering and Construction Management
Bachelor of Civil Engineering

Hamed Naser

Gol Gohar Sirjan Workshop

Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering

Seyed Ali Hashemi

Project Planning and Control – Gol Gohar Sirjan Project

Bachelor of Electrical Technology Engineering

Sepehr Sedighi Tonekaboni

Coordination of engineering implementation of the Pilot plant Project

Bachelor of Civil Engineering

Seyed Mohammad Hadi Azadi

Follow-up matters and status report of Shadegan Steel Project

Bachelors degree in industrial engineering – Industrial Technology

Mohammad Borvayeh

Coordinating the Supply of Shadegan Steel Project

Bachelor of engineering – Design of solids

Amin Kabirnia

Engineering Coordination Shadegan Steel Project implementation

Master of Construction Management – Civil Engineering
Bachelor of Construction Technology Engineering

Seyed Iman Sherafaty

HSE System

Bachelor of Safety Engineering and Work Technology

Seyedeh Bahar Alavian


Master of Executive Management – Strategic Management
Bachelor of Architecture

Bahareh Abasi

Coordination of the Support and implementation of Gol Gohar Sirjan

PhD in Sociology
Master of Social Sciences- Sociology

Ghazaleh Mojtahedi

Financial Accounting

Master of Business Administration
Bachelor of Business Administration

Mohammad Sharifi

Technical Inspection

Master of Materials Engineering – Identification and selection of engineering materials
Bachelor of Welding Technology

Hadi Sajadifar

Support and Technical services of Shadegan Steel Project

Electrotechnics – Industrial Electricity

Masoud Sattarinia

Shadegan Steel Project Finance

Bachelor of Accounting

Morteza Naderi bani

Quality Control of Shadegan Steel Project

Bachelor of Materials Engineering – Industrial

Adel Sajadifar

Protection of Shadegan Steel Project

Associate in Accounting

Adel Adelnejad

Project planning and control – Shadgan steel project

Master of Industrial Engineering
Bachelor of Industrial Engineering

Afshin Khiabani

Financial and administrative of the Pilot Plant project

Bachelor of Accounting

Organizational Chart

Human Resources




All activities in the organization are unique and have specific characteristics; hence, companies and organizations have unique conditions. Human resources are the most important resources within an organization and require effective, continuous training so that they could fulfill their tasks.

GSICo emphasizes the training of organizations and companies in different businesses. An independent department has been established for communication and effective training in GSICo.

Introduction of key people

Hajir Ahmadi Jahanabad

Master of Electrical Engineering – Power Systems

Omid Shirazi

Associate in electrical engineering – telecommunications

Farzane Fallah

Master of industrial Management
Bachelor of Industrial Engineering – Systems Analysis Planning

Mojtaba Bahmanzadeh

Master of Civil Engineering – Construction Management
Bachelor of Civil Engineering – Civil

Amirhossein Sharifian

Master of Civil Engineering – Road and Transportation
Bachelor of Civil Engineering – Civil

Hamid Shokraee

Master of Industrial Engineering – Systems Optimization
Bachelor of Industrial Engineering (systems planning and analysis)

Hossein Shokouhmand

Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering

Saeed Shokoohi

Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering

Mohammad Ali Khaje Goudarzi

Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering – Heat and Fluids

Masoud Nazerian

Bachelor’s degree in engineering technology of thermal and refrigeration equipment

Aghil Naseri

Bachelor of Electrical Engineering – Power

Mohammad mahdi Rezaei

Bachelor of Electrical Engineering – Telecommunications

Parisa Saei Monfared

Master’s degree in Mechatronic Engineering – Automation and Production Control
Bachelor of electrical engineering – control

Ameneh Amiri

Bachelor of Construction Technology Engineering

Zeinab Alidaie Balaie

Bachelor of Petroleum Engineering – Hydrocarbon Tanks

Ebrahim Zallaghi

Bachelor’s degree in manufacturing technology engineering

Management systems

Safety policy

GSICo emphasizes safety and the environment. This company strongly seeks to be among the top corporations in terms of environmental protection and safety. Directors and employees in GSICo collaborate to have a safe and healthy workplace and are committed to protecting the environment and mitigating adverse environmental impacts. The incorporation of health, safety, and environment (HSE) into execution activities has played a key role in the improvement of the information system and multilateral cooperation within GSICo. To implement HSE in projects, GSICo

  • Trains individuals to adopt safety and health instructions/practices in the workplace and protect the environment
  • Motivates employees to show an effective commitment to employee safety (no one shall be forced to do something that may risk safety and harm the environment)
  • Encourages employees to proactively participate in HSE practices and enhance health and safety in the workplace

GSICo requires all employees and teams in the project site to attend the HSE courses provided by the employer and to become aware of all the required instructions of the site.

The “Safety and Health at Work in Contracting” course was held for the employees within both the headquarters and the site in October 2019.

Project Management

Project-based organizations should implement a project management system. This system is intended to implement systematic management of projects. Today, many organizations traditionally manage projects and encounter multiple challenges. GSICo implements an effective project management system to tackle some challenges and enhance employee performance while efficiently completing projects.

Information Technology and Security

Organizational Portal

Office Automation

GSICo uses the web-based office automation system of System Group Company. It automates organizational processes and enables fast and secure online communication across the world. This web-based office automation system helps the organization in recording and sending/receiving a variety of organizational forms, tracking, reporting, and optimal management of meetings while accelerating intra-organizational communications and allowing for online extra-organizational communications through state-of-the-art software with a simple user interface and high security.

Document Control and Online Communication with Projects

In the digital era with technological advances, organizations need easy access to documents. GSICo adopts the web-based Contract Management software system to update information in engineering departments. Contract Management stores document data, including sent items, edit history, and statuses of documents, and such data can be readily tracked. For example, it is possible to find when Document A was sent and/or received, who sent and/or received it, and with what edit it was sent and/or received. This handles many challenges and risks concerning document management in projects, enables dynamic interactions with projects, and provides easy access to the progress of the project at any time in any location.