Business Fields

GSICo does business in contracting and management of industrial and construction projects inside and outside Iran, including mining, facilities, equipment, oil, gas, and petrochemical industries, and power plants (i.e., power generation and transmission). This company also partners domestic and international legal and private persons/corporations and signs contracts in design management, engineering, construction and technology acquisition and transfer consultation, production line optimization, installation, monitoring, imports/exports, and other activities under the rules and regulations of the Islamic Republic of Iran.


GSICo enjoys skilled experts and state-of-the-art knowledge and implements advanced planning and control techniques in processing, mechanics, facilities, civil engineering, power, control, and instrumentation. The company seeks to meet the demands of clients in a short time and protect the environment and employee safety, strongly contributing to design and engineering (i.e., conceptual engineering, base design, and detailed design).

Equipment Provision and Fabrication

GSICo provides and fabricates equipment based on engineering purchase knowledge, evaluation of supplies, national and international trade rules, and clients’ list of demands.

Construction and installation of projects

Through experienced engineers and project managers, accurate schedule control, and HSE experts, GSICo performs site preparation, workshop equipment, office and industrial building construction, foundations, equipment installation, operation test monitoring, and training and monitoring of operation under the latest international standards.

Project Financing

GSICo can implement EPC projects. Since some employers have EPCF projects, GSICo has financed such projects through domestic and international cooperation.

Contract Management

At the request of the employer in some projects, GSICo becomes a member of the employer in the form of an MC corporation and provides contract management services in factor construction based on a predefined method.

Mining-Earth explorations

GSICO daes in equipping / operation , processing and concentration, mineral processing coal preparation , extraction and stripping, and service to manufacturing units.


Iron and Steel
Pelletizing, agglomeration, direction, blust furnace, steel production and continuous casting, cold and hot rolling lines, complementary processes (e.g, galvanization, colored galvanized steel sheets, and tinning)

Non-ferrous metal industries
Copper: Copper concentrate projects, refineries and treatment plants, melting and casting rolling lines, line modification and renovation, construction of cement factories.

Installations and equipment

Building facilities and equipment, water treatment plants, pumping stations and...

Buildings and structures

Implementation of civil, institutional, construction, industrial, road construction projects, participation in the construction of heavy industries and...


Carrying out forwarding operations for transporting foreign equipment
Coordinating services with the seller and shipping companies and the employer in the project equipment transportation


Water transmission lines and sewage networks


Power transmission and distribution post, power generation and transmission, power transmission lines and other similar fields

Transmission lines and tanks, pump house and oil and gas networks

Carrying out general contracting in the upstream and downstream industries of oil and gas fields
Construction of daily tanks and lime tanks

Competitive Advantage

A general contractor is aimed at:

  • Technical knowledge transfer
  • Experience and knowledge
  • Design optimization – engineering
  • Value engineering
  • Execution acceleration
  • Determination of project responsibilities

GSICo is a knowledge-based organization with substantial experience in the execution of large-scale projects. It seeks to encourage and promote knowledge creation and contribute to development.